Mazi Javidiani

Mazi Javidiani is an award winning transdisciplinary designer. Throughout his career, Mazi has worked on noteworthy projects with organizations such as Showtime, MTV, Universal Studios, Government of Alberta, City of Edmonton, University of Alberta, Concordia University, and The Office of Mayor Don Iveson. His work has consistently resulted in untangling complexities, improving user experiences, and fostering engaged human centred responses to problems. He draws on a diverse toolkit from his background in philosophy, design strategy, art direction, fine arts, strategic foresight, systems thinking, and user experience design.

Currently an MDes candidate in OCAD U’s Strategic Foresight & Innovation program. Research Focus: Futures of Journalism.

Case Studies




A look at how can we reduce the experience of impermanence in refugee camps by leveraging community networks and “best practices” for refugee funding to improve refugee mental health.


Edmonton Affordable Housing

Berlin Ad+PR

Addressing general public's lack of trust in and support for development of affordable housing in their Edmonton neighbourhoods.  Part of  Mayor's initiative to end homelessness.

Core Competencies



His academic background in cognitive theory, cybernetics and philosophy has trained him to think critically and always look further than what is presented. 

Human Centred Design

Working as a UX designer in the videogame industry, as well as teaching this subject at Macewan University, have helped him develop the skills to better understand how humans interact with objects, systems, products and services – to be able to understand what the needs are and how to truly advocate for the user.

Visual Translation

working for many years as an art director, not only has enhanced Mazi's aesthetic sensibility, but also the ability to understand how people consume information. He excels in creating clear and rigorous visuals that enable the audience to understand abstract or complex concepts - ideas that are otherwise challenging to describe through verbal language.


Mazi's biggest strength is in his diversity of experience both epistemologically and geographically. He has experience in interactive arts, responsive architecture, philosophy, cinema, jazz music, video games, UX design, art direction, and design thinking. He also has experience living and working in various cities including: Tehran, Dubai, Montreal, Edmonton, and now Toronto.

Some Previous Projects


Interdependence in Neighbourhoods
A research into how we can create a stronger sense of community in neighbourhoods through interdependencies.

Weather Patterns
Concordia University
A responsive architecture that would learn human behaviour in a space, and respond over long stretches of time, in the form of sound, movement and light.

University of Alberta Tunnel Redesign
Berlin Ad+PR
Redesigning the interiors of a network of underground tunnels at University of Alberta.


Alberta Land Titles Software
Berlin Ad+PR
Redesign of Alberta Land Titles internal and external spatial information system.

Jurassic Park
designing the user experience of the underwater levels, as well as the architecture of the buildings in the iOS videogame.

Price is Right
Designing the user experience of iOS videogame for optimal usability and profitability.