Originally from Iran, Mazi Javidiani moved to Canada to study Computation Arts and philosophy at Concordia University. His interest in cybernetics and post-structural philosophy led him to Hexagram’s SenseLab, where he investigated responsive architecture and design, and to the Topological Media Lab, where he researched phenomenological approaches to memory.

As one of the founders of the Montreal-based art gallery, Studio Beluga, Mazi has programmed, curated, and designed several artist exhibitions and residencies.  Over the past few years, Mazi has also designed user experiences for videogames such as Price is Right™ and Jurassic Park™, taught UX design as an adjunct professor at MacEwan University, and worked as a Design Director in advertising and public relations. His work has earned him several awards, and Mazi was named as one of the top 100 Art Directors in Canada by Strategy Magazine.  

He is holds a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight & Innovation from OCAD University.

Mazi is a Jazz Saxophonist, as well as a gardening and cooking enthusiast.  



Toronto, Canada
(514) 575 0284


2017 SSHRC, Joseph-Armand Bombardier Scholarships
2016 Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2015 Applied Arts, Environmental Branding
2015 Ace Awards, Identity Design
2015 Ace Awards, Environmental Branding
2015 Ace Award of distinction, Art Direction
2015 IABC Award of Merit, One-Time Tactics
2015 IABC Award of Merit, Creative Communications
2014 IABC Award of Excellence, Visual Communications
2013 Apple iTunes Top Grossing Game, Jurassic Park Builder
2012 Apple iTunes Top Grossing Game, Price is Right
2008 Daniel Harrison International Work Term Grant
2005 William and Lois Paine Founder’s Scholarship,


“Towards a Qualitative Space-Body Multiplicity” Exhibition Catalogue, EXPOSED: Mimic. (2009, Montreal)

“Landing Sites: Organism-Environment Couplings In Computation Arts.” Exhibition Catalogue, Landing Sites. (2010, Montreal)

“Green Photographs: An In-Moving Memory” Cahiers Figura,  l’Observatoire de l’imaginaire contemporain (2011, Montreal)






“Frameworks for Ethical Design: Futures Wheel” Toronto, Service Design Toronto. (May 2019)

“Design Ethics, Ethical Design” Toronto, Jam for Good. (March 2019)

“Ethical Design and Design for Emergence” Montreal, Impact Conference: Service Design Canada. (November 2018)

“Systemic Design as an Ethical Framework” Toronto, iMPACT UX Ethics. (July 2018)

“Beyond Facts: Increasing Trust in Journalism Through Community Engagement and Transparency” Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto, Friends of Claro. (July 2018)

“Beyond Facts: Increasing Trust in Journalism Through Community Engagement and Transparency” OCAD University, Toronto, Master’s Thesis Defence. (April 2018)

“Systems Thinking & Systemic Design Methods in UX Research” Shopify, Toronto, Presentation (April 2018)

“Futures of Journalism: Truth, Power, and Media” OCAD University, Toronto, Design with Dialogue (February 2018)

“Our Obsession with Gadgets: Imagining Futures Beyond Robots, Devices, and Interfaces” OCAD University, Toronto, The Canadian Association for American Studies, Uncertain Futures (October 2017)

Designing with Gods, Immortals, and Non-Humans
A panel on future of human centred design
 OCAD University, SFI Alumni Network, Opening Statement October 27-29, 2017

Our Obsession with Gadgets: Imagining Futures Beyond Robots,
Devices, and Interfaces

 OCAD University, The Canadian Association for American Studies, Toronto, Uncertain Futures, October 27-29, 2017

Applying Design in Government
Working with deputy minister's office to promote a greater awareness of design research, systems thinking, foresight, and their potential value in project, program and policy development in the Department of Canadian Heritage. (Aug 2017) 
Presentation Slides
Workshop developed in collaboration with: Jaime Calayo, Macy Siu, Ian Kamau, & Roberto Andrade

Social Innovation Comes
with Trade-Offs

Presenting systems map and research
Systems Thinking Ontario (March, 2017)

Future of Design & Advertising in Alberta,
Panel discussion with Dennis Lenarduzzi, Rob Jennings, Ryan Kenny & Sarah Jackson. Ace Creative Roundtable. Edmonton (Jan 2016)

Green Photographs: A Collective Pensive Image.
 joined presentation with Natalia Lebedinskaia, Concordia University, Montreal, Resistances: counter-conduct, intra-disruptions compromising acts. (April 2010)

“Green Photographs: An In-Moving Memory”
joined presentation with Natalia Lebedinskaia, UQAM, Montreal, Symposium Imaginaries of the Present (October 2010)

You think because you understand ‘one’ you must also understand ‘two’, because one and one make two. But you must also understand ‘and’.
— Molana Jalaludin Rumi